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Hybrid Submission GRAPPLING

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Blackout Grappling Hybrid Submission Cradle Pin & Submit
Blackout Grappling Hybrid Submission Cradle Pin & Submit
Blackout Grappling Hybrid Submission Cradle Pin & Submit
Blackout Grappling Hybrid Submission Cradle Pin & Submit
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Knowledge. Skill. Tradition, Innovation, Evolution

we are a moblie grappling unit with international reach focused on seminars and guest instruction/teacing at the highest level around the world offering scheduled private lessons in house or structured group sessions

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Innovators of the Blackout Hybrid Cradle System are leaders in the Hybrid Grappling Revolution and recognized game changers in the grappling community specializing in a true mix of grappling arts


David Petrone

Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Scientific Wrestling Catch Wrestling Certified Coach / USA Florida Wrestling Leader / Copper Certified Coach / Bronze Certified USA Wrestling/  SafeSport Certified

With over 40 years experience Coach David Petrone is Internationally Recognized as one of the most creative minds in the Grappling community a True Innovator 
aka The Catch Cradle King Coach Petrone is known for work and development of his two instructional video’s The Blackout Hybrid Cradle system both Gi and No Gi with BJJ FANATICS AND FANATICS WRESTLING to bring the grappling community the most modern and technical cradling system to date 
Coach Petrone is a accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
NOGI World Champion, 2x PAN NOGI Champion, and 5x Gi International Open Gold Medalist who has been on the World podium 7 times Moving on from competing he is now focused on teaching and helping others reach their goals through his style of Jiu Jitsu and hybrid submission grappling systems in the art of control and submission
His Wrestling experience goes back to his youth training under legendary Coaches and Olympic athletes Joe Corso, Gene Mills, Bobby Weaver, Wade Schalles and Catch Wrestler William Wicks, where he began formulating his unique style and technical approach to grappling and submission wrestling. Coach Petrone is also a Assistant Coach and Certified Catch Wrestler under the prestigious Scientific Wrestling Coaching Catch program.
David is absolute revolutionary with his unique hybrid grappling submission system of mixing Catch Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu for today’s modern grapplers. Coach Petrone’s relentless persistence of innovation and constantly pushing the creative barriers to help the grappling community evolve is unmatched.
His method of combining traditional old world wrestling positions with today’s technical submissions through realistic transitions is why his creative mind, thought process, and progressive technical approach to coaching and positional development has been found to be a valued asset to grapplers around the world .

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Vincent Petrone

Brazilian JiuJitsu Brown Belt Certified SW Catch Wrestler Hybrid Grappling Innovator Blackout Leg Lock Specialist

with 12 years experience Vinny is known for his game changing cradle to leg locking system and providing students with his unique awareness to details necessary to be successful in their grappling journey makes him a essential part of the Blackout Team. His knowledge of old world grappling techniques met with his modern day hybrid mash up, has him leading the way for the next generation and for the future of grappling.

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Neil Melanson & David Petrone Seminar

Seminar with Neil Melanson. October 29th 2022- St Cloud, Fl. Cost: $129.00

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